Areas of Service

WCCA operates in three areas:

  1. Data Management– A percentage of the work WCCA does is forensic in nature.  WCCA will analyze the historical data used to determine bottom line costs and fix anything that is fixable including old claims – either open or closed.
  2. Risk Finance Consulting– A smaller percentage of the work we do is in the area of risk finance consulting.  Although we are not involved in the insurance transaction, if a client would benefit from an alternative risk financing method, we will help design a solution that works.  We leave it up to experts in those areas to find solutions in the market.
  3. Claim Management– The vast majority of the work we do, as well as the value we provide comes from our proprietary claims management system – The WCCA Method.

The Four Intentions Essential to
the WCCA Method:

Our first intention is the Elimination of Fraud.

Most everyone would agree that fraud is a major issue for employers. Workers compensation insurance has one of the highest rates of fraud among all types of insurance available. Fraud can include faking an injury or someone getting injured at home on the weekend, then reporting it on Monday at work. Or it can be as benign as a doctor simply offering a patient extra time off at work. Unfortunately, this also, is fraud. We’ve set up processes designed to eliminate the potential for fraud at the time of injury. And we’ve gone a long way to doing just that.

Our second intention is the Active Reduction of Indemnity Costs including temporary disability or permanent impairment.

In most states when an employer eliminates indemnity costs, premium costs will decrease up to 75% going forward. This is a major incentive in controlling indemnity cost. Clients contracted with WCCA, on average, see indemnity claims near 6% of their total claims compared to the national average – over 24%.

Our third intention is the Elimination of Claims.

Our proprietary management tools are designed to limit the impact of claims on employers cost. While most injuries do require a doctor’s care, we find that approximately 33% of all injuries in fact, do not require the attention of a doctor.  Utilizing the WCCA triage process aids the injured employee in making that determination.

Our fourth intention is Overall Impact Management
within the System.

Without doubt, the Workers Compensation system is inherently inflationary.  A single motivation is common to all players within the system which drives insurance costs [such as premium commissions & passive insurance carrier management] resulting in higher premiums.

WCCA’s primary motivation and commitment is to actively manage work claims with attention to insuring the injured employee receive prompt medical care and at the same time … manage the cost of the claim by bringing a high level of efficiency to the process.

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