Our Business Model

By Steve Williams, CEO:

Our Philosophy: 

We get asked a lot what WCCA is. We have found that trying to limit the answer to a quick description leaves too much out. If the person asking the question knows anything about workers’ compensation we are almost invariably confused with something that has been experienced before. The problem is, once we have the opportunity to fully flush out what we do, it is very clear to anyone we are talking to, regardless of their level of workers’ compensation sophistication, that what we do, how we do it, and the result we create is completely different from what the pre-conceived assumption is. I have found that the gap in understanding is usually a function of context. I have found the assumption is we are different, or better version of some already existing service.

Workers’ Compensation is
Inherently Inflationary

The reason this is fallacious is at the very source of our existence. Briefly put, the reason for our existence is that the entire workers’ compensation system is inherently inflationary. What I mean by that, is every player in the workers’ compensation system, bar none, makes more money when it costs the employer more money. This is not to say that higher costs to the employer is the goal of the system – just that the structure of revenue model of the system and all its players individually are such that they make more money when the cost to the employer increases. It is the context for the system and a wise man once said that context is always decisive.

WCCA: Shifting the Context…Creating Inherent Deflationary Pressure (Our Model)

Obviously what is missing in the contextual scenario is an inherent incentive to control costs. That is what WCCA set out to do. The elements we adopted that produced that result are:

  • BPO Model– We adopted a BPO, or business process outsourcing model. When hired the employer gets a fully staffed workers’ compensation risk management department with one purpose and that is to make the system work for the employer.
  • Remove Responsibility to Players in the System – We have removed all responsibility to any players in the system. We don’t participate in insurance transactions, and we aren’t aligned with medical providers, et al
  • Contract with Employer – We contract directly with the employer. This creates an incentive to perform or risk being fired.

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