What We Do


WCCA Management & Consulting Services:

“WCCA’s primary motivation and commitment
is to actively manage work claims with attention to insuring
the injured employee receive prompt medical care and at the same time … manage the cost of the claim by bringing a high level of efficiency
to the process. 

How your company benefits with WCCA:

  1. The Reduction in Claim Frequency:
    [Our clients] Decrease in Claim Frequency Rate of 21%.
  2. The Reduction in Cost per Claim:
    [Our clients] experienced Decrease in Cost Per Claim of 51%.
  3. The Reduction in Loss Ratio:
    With 95% certainty employers hiring WCCA experience a 30% Reduction in Loss Ratio.
  4. Client Experience with WCCA: 
    Our average First Year Return on Investment… exceeds 600%.

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    with your business industry.

    We make Work Comp…Work!